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Civil Engineer

Third generation (fanatic) Athenian, I stayed here, in eighteen when I entered the National Technical University of Athens and refused to leave my country when i graduated and most of my classmates regarded it as a one-way street. Rationalist, realist and with a family background in construction, civil engineering wes a certain choice since kids exceed … to become an astronaut or fighter pilot. The mornings would find me at each worksite balancing somewhere between the coordinating teams, ordering materials and communicating with the customer. I am not afraid of spilling my hands when you need to get things done as they should when you need … “to get things done”, say the Americans. to the Office the evening recording the course of the day and organizing the work of the next.

The man out when I don’t work weekends I drink my coffee in the northern suburbs, I enjoy my ride in the Athenian Riviera and revel in the mainstream rhythms of the Centre. Maybe from there stems the inspiration and my passion for building and designing spaces that people try flavors, feel feelings, flirt, dance and generally laugh & succumb to objectively small graces of life..

Welcome to MAMAPROJECT ...

  • Design-Construction
  • Project Management
  • Project security technician
  • Topographical charts
  • Static