He studied architecture in the NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY from which he graduated in 2009. From his studies, in subsequent professional career, develops the concept of planning and design, in a variety of fields of application, from the utilitarian industrial object in the housing, as public spaces and buildings. For him, the design is a constant evolution. Pataei on past experience, and make a step at a time in the future, expressing the new social antimata and values that emerge through the modern needs of the individual and of society. In this context the developments of direct interest to the international architecture practice, but developments in technology design and manufacturing. In his free time will find him drinking baths with his friends in Archelaou, why isn’t this life all work-work in the final!

  • Three-dimensional imagery/Visualization
  • Architectural design
  • Furniture/lighting design



Marketing & Advertising Communications

Born in Athens, megalwntas knew that he wanted to be among the world. To akoyei their needs, take your best shot, to listen to the market and sees its future. He studied advertising, Digital Marketing WINS. You will find empleetai in the Office of her own company, puts the aesthetics of pinelia in menu of award-winning Chef, to promote Brands that believe and of course will be back from every step of MAMAproject view.

  • Strategy plan services
  • Advertising communications
  • Digital marketing





Megawse was born in Athens. He studied in Patra, architecture, while the knowledge obtained from the master entitled “Environment and Development” at the National Technical University of Athens led to perceive the design interwoven with the principles of energy planning.
The special architecture synthisi, cozy interior design, bold and adventurous combinations, the balanced use of natural and artificial lighting, are elements of architectural expression of personality. The experience of the construction of small-and large-scale projects and architecture ships make it very useful for our team. On eleythero you will find time to do walks to the shops, to see rows and cooks in her beloved kitchen recently renovated!

  • Architectural design/supervision
  • Interior design
  • Energy study
  • Bioclimatic design




Agronomist & Surveying Engineer

I was born, grew up and will grow in Heliopolis of the southern proastiwn. This with the squares that we all lost. A little nerd in school, I succeeded in 2008 at the National Technical University of Athens. Agronomist & Surveying Engineer. Yes. From them with their tripods in the streets. No. Do not remove pictures with these instruments.   New in the ‘ Piazza ‘, with enormous though appetite, thirst and passion for work and effort. Feygw not from Greece. Dot.

In my free time I eat without tomorrow, I see rows with fad, read history and go pitch. AEK. Only IMG. Do and master of Architecture School of NTUA.

  • Topographical charts
  • Surveying-Engravings
  • Construction support
  • Photo interpretation




Agronomist & Surveying Engineer

Without any originality … Yes I was born in Athens with a passage from Crete. At famous Arhanes (and song). Permanent resident now Agiou Dimitriou next in hot seat of Barca. Agronomist engineer Surveyor & profession and soon environmentalist (do and postgraduate) with great love in classical topography. With much hard work I insist, against Greek in all circumstances. Hobby baking and mmo games (gamers know).

  • Topographical charts
  • Surveying-Engravings
  • GIS
  • Cadastre





Born and raised in Athens. However quite mature in 18 years decided to leave Greece and discover the world! He studied architecture at the Metropolitan in London and at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. He traveled to many countries, customs, did friends of different nationalities and visited buildings “symbols” historic architecture from the Renaissance era to the era of postmodernism. Influenced by toses pictures realized that architecture is the inheritance of every place that we need to maintain and to ensure high quality.

The goal of an architect is through designing, creating appropriate and pleasant spaces satisfying the everyday human needs of the user through the living space and is expressed in a society so modern and so demanding.

In her spare time, she chooses to read novels mostly based on true events, making sweets and expands making dynamic aerobic exercise!

  • Architectural design/composition
  • 3D modeling/Rendering
  • Energy study & sustainable development