Aegina summer house


This project belongs as a Architectural study & construction at Effective Development, a company which we collaborate with on regular base when it comes to Interior Design & Styling and 3d visualizing aspects of its projects. This residence is located on a beautiful part of Aegina island, and the main goal was from the beginning to design the house’s interior & exterior parts in a way that would be the best for the family to live in, functionally & aesthetically.


In the designing process we use lots of moodboards & questionnaires to help us communicate with the client & finalize the materials & custom design constructions to be used. We try all our different concepts on a 3d model of the residence’s indoor & outdoor areas, and we create through visualizing images and videos presenting the final form of the house, before Effective’s construction process.

MAMAs hint

Through a very creative team designing process, we ended up on a final design for the residence using as a unique element the stone which we leave revealed on many surfaces. Our favorite elements are the lights of the house and the outdoor furniture.

Special thanks at Effective Development & Giannis Mparlas for trusting us with this exciting project!