The AMEA project


On the occasion of the dissertation of Magda, the debate on the exploitation of the Greek zone, our voluntary work with people with disabilities, and our insistence on every design proposal for the site to be compatible with their needs, resulting a concept design ready to be adapted to any new space. The overall proposal is for a sports – residential landscape, designed to cover daily operational needs and be compatible with the psychological needs of people with disabilities. It is proposed here a comprehensive welfare model and not simply survival of these people, which aims to give substance and not just in the form design. The aim is to create a center-based early SPORTS – LEARNING – FREEDOM – AUTONOMY. Disabled. The aim is to create a landmark which attracts place for each individual with or without special needs, who wants to experience a full life model with centerline sport.


The design method is defined by a grid derived from the dimensions of the main sports on the basis of which a housing complex created, a sports center, and an outdoor recreation area. In each design point are taken into account the access data, the drive belts for the convenience of people with mobile disabilities, the individual drive belt and a rotating chair, guiding a blind through smells and sounds. The objective in the design of housing types, are disabled can live in the places independently, autonomously, and experiencing every quality that occurs without feeling constraint.


Creating the concept that we aim to use the independent living model for Persons With Disabilities was following an investigation, and to adapt it each time we asked – whether in comprehensive proposal residence or outdoor configuration or layout even a space individually. Through sketches, drawings, three-dimensional images, and applied examples, based on criteria motion, rotation, and Disabled approach, we propose the ideal solution to achieve even full autonomy.

MAMA’s hint

Our proposals are, apart from an applied study of long-term practice, and a comment. Comment on the active social participation, and comfort for the disabled, which are not a minority, as often seen, but active group in society and sports. As the design is defined based on the human scale – in dimensions as the lintel, the riser, the parapet, the width of a corridor – so we have to adapt the design and scale of any groups with special needs, both in private and in public area. This adaptation must not become inline with the addition of auxiliaries, but the base of the design.

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