Restaurant at Neo Irakleio Attikis, Athens.


Architecture _ Interior Design _ Lighting Design_Custom Design_Construction:


This project is about developing one concept store restaurant based on industrial aesthetics.


The restaurant is located at N. Irakleio Attikis, and the main goal was to create a restaurant with industrial concept but also cozy atmosphere. The restaurant consists of two levels connected with a staircase, and in the central part of the building there is a space of two levels height which stays open.

At the first  level we create the kitchen of the restaurant inside a space that is constructed by metal and looks like a container. In the opposite side we develop the bar which can work indoors & outdoors. Between these two basic elements there is the big central table of the restaurant and around it the dining area is developed with chairs & tables all around the level, surrounded by linear planting of small trees.

At the upper level there are still chairs and tables consisting the dining area along with bars and stools. A big vintage leather sofa is on the one side of the level, and a metallic grid divides the two levels on the double height space.

In the designing process the most important thing was to use custom elements – due to this reason all the lights and most of the furniture are designed specially for this store.

The big glass windows on the upper level are the background of developing the stand areas with tall stands and stools. Finally, the metallic shade we use is the rust, which covers wall parts, table corners, and some of the lighting element.

You can find the restaurant Container Steaks and burgers at N. Irakleio Attikis, Athens.