We believe that only if letting the inspiration defines our ideas and look at every project as a unique challenge, then we can can achieve the best result.

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ΜΑΜΑproject can take over a whole project regarding hospitality. Following the steps :

  • Find the best property according to the client’s purpose
  • Come up with a unique concept to match with the property & the area
  • Design the project targeting the most suitable group of people
  • Issue the building permit and/or hotel license
  • Build the project [renovate, restore, build from scratch]
  • Create the corporate identity to follow all the aspects of the project
  • Business plan based on 3 scenarios & price optimization
  • Set up business :  channel managers, booking engines
  • Set up image  :  photo shooting, website, social media, printed & digital promotion
  • Operation : full management of the property

we can ensure to create for our client a turnkey fully functional business.

We believe that the key to a successful business on the hospitality field is to have the best location/target group combination & to provide a unique concept that applies to all the parts of it, along with  quality services.


MAMAPROJECT   So .. MArios – MAgda..MAMA .. a civil engineer and an architect .. cousins .. friends .. .. partners.. They join their forces, the same views & goals, they believe in the interesting interaction that  brings the difference in gender, their different pros & cons, visions, and view at life ..  Design, study, renovation, decoration, construction, giving shape, creating, setting up concepts .. The PROJECTs with which we deal .. but also as a project we consider ourselves too .. and the relationship between us .. .. that evolves with each project, with each step, with each new risk.. We would like to communicate our ideas, our thoughts, our concerns, our proposals, our styles,  our aesthetics, our challenges, our way of seeing life after all.. MAMAPROJECT .. We create our team .. We find the way we want to work and develop it with every chance we get..We work together with friends or people that become friends after time passes, to expand our fields of interest .. Architecture, Design, Engineering, Construction, Decoration, Marketing.. We believe in a whole approach to each project and this is what we are trying to do while evolving ours & our team’s skills!    Follow us & stay tuned  with MAMAproject!

Marios Konios

Being the 3rd generation (and fanatic) citizen of Athens, at 18 i decided to stay in Greece when i entered National Technical University of Athens, and refuse to leave the country after finishing my studies even though most people of my age considered it a one-way street.

Magda K. Mavrikis

Architecture engineer
I was born, I grew up, I live and I love however Athina.Spoudasa in my second great love – Patras. I learned the power and passion of this city (a necessary consequence of the carnival) to convey to anything with which I deal

Nora Granitsioti

Since she was a little girl, composing forms with her legos, she had a significant interest in the building environment around her. So when the time came in 2005 she entered the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens.


Without any originality … Yes I was born in Athens with a passage from Crete. At famous Arhanes (and song). Permanent resident now Agiou Dimitriou next in hot seat of Barca.


I was born, grew up and will grow in Heliopolis of the southern proastiwn. This with the squares that we all lost. A little nerd in school, I succeeded in 2008 at the National Technical University of Athens. Agronomist & Surveying Engineer. Yes. From them with their tripods in the streets.


I was born and raised in Byron, Athens. I graduated from the National Technical University of Athens as a civil engineer.


Danae is an Architect Engineer and Interior Designer.  With a background in high-end building designs such as heath care and office space buildings, she is interested in incorporating a strong design approach with smart construction details.


I was born in Trikala. Despite the fact that I grew up in Trikala, I live and work in Athens.


He studied architecture in the NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY from which he graduated in 2009. From his studies, in subsequent professional career, develops the concept of planning and design, in a variety of fields of application,


She was born in Athens. He studied in Patra, architecture, while the knowledge obtained from the master entitled “Environment and Development” at the National Technical University of Athens led to perceive the design interwoven with the principles of energy planning.


Marketing & Advertising Communications
Born in Athens, she that she wanted to be among the world. Listen their needs, take your best shot, to listen to the market and sees its future.

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