MEng Architect Engineer
MSc Enviroment & Development NTUA

I was born, grew up, live and really love  Athens city.  I studied for Architecture in my second great love – Patras. I learned from this city that passion, power and love  ( features of the carnival that the city is so famous for) have to be the main elements you bring to your job, in order to do it successfully  .. I  learned that either  it’s architecture , either supervision of a construction, or a new concept, an article I am writing,  teaching art,  or even studying planning regulations, that whatever it is i do, i should better do it giving my soul to it..  The only way you can live loving what you do..

Yes. Architecture gives you the right to feel this way.. working on what you adore.. and what you wanted as a kid – in my case.. Admiring and watched my father over the years i got multiple lessons – some practical but also some other more important ones.. The ones that tell you that whatever you chose to do in life, the only way to succeed and also live happily is to love it. I deeply love my family – the actual one, and the other one, that consists of people that become family during the years..

Evolving my education through a very interesting Master of Science &  many many seminars in Greece & abroad, i found out two paths that i like working on – totally different with each other / environmental design & interior design.

And to get to know me better when i am not working,  i am spending my time reading books, magazines, walking around my neighborhood, or my favorite Plaka area, cooling down with yoga, traveling in and out of Greece as often as i can, and getting inspiration from anything i see around me (focused or even more often abstracted)..

Welcome to MAMAPROJECT..

  • Architecture
  • Interior design & Styling 
  • Custom design
  • Supervision
  • Conceptual design & Set up


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