MEng Civil Engineer NTUA
MSc Environment & Development NTUA

Being the 3rd generation (and fanatic) citizen of Athens, at 18 i decided to stay in Greece when i entered National Technical University of Athens, and refuse to leave the country after finishing my studies even though most people of my age considered it a one-way street. Being a realist & a pragmatist, and having a family background in construction field, the civil Engineering department was pretty much the obvious choice, after of course passing by the years of dreaming of becoming an astronaut or pilot .. You will find me in the mornings on sites balancing between supervising subcontractors , ordering materials & communicating with the clients.

I’m not afraid to get dirty when needed in order to process with every project, as the Americans would say: “to get things done”.. Afternoons are for the office, seeing the day’s progress and organizing the next day’s tasks.

I am an outgoing person, feeling comfortable with social life and being around, during free time i am having  my coffees at the north of Athens, enjoying the south and the Athenian Riviera, and going out in the mainstream central Athens rhythms.  Maybe that’s the source of my passion for creating spaces where people are enjoying good food, premium drinks, excellent hospitality, are flirting, dancing, laughing and in general enjoy the small but true joys in life.

Welcome to  MAMAPROJECT..

  • Engineering studies 
  • Supervision-Construction
  • Project Management
  • Topographic charts
  • Statics
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