The Athenians


The Athenias is a compex of apartments on the 8th floor of Xenofontos Street next to Syntagma Square in the center of Athens city! We first visited the place still in its former condition – a complex with empty & damaged offices, with amazing views to Acropolis. We imagine this place as a complex of apartments available for rent in short periods. Our goal is to create a place to follow the city’s vibe for everyone who chooses to live in it.


In designing process we created 5 autonomous apartments with main goal to be sunny, to be functional, and to have (the more possible) private balconies with Acropolis view. Our final plan consists of 3 apartments with private roof garden each with views to Acropolis, and two more with view to the back side of the building, that share another balcony with view in the front side.  Starting to create the project’s concept, we had to find the name. In collaboration with Hello Design, in an afternoon brainstorming, and after many many names, we come up with _The Athenians_! Each room is followed by a unique concept, and a specific color. The GREEN Athenian Apartment: inspired by the National Gardens, that are next to the Athenians. This apartment’s color, green, is combined with natural elements, wood, different shades of green and an outdoors feeling.  The YELLOW Athenian Apartment : inspired by the Athenian sun, this is one of the sunniest apartments at the complex. In this apartment, we combine yellow, black and grey, and we try to create a funky mood. The ORANGE Athenian Apartment : MAgda’s favorite. This apartment is the biggest of the complex, extending from the one side of the floor to the other. Inspired by the Attica sky during sunrise & sunset, this apartment combines funky environmental graphics in large scale, with classy touches in the private areas. The BLUE Athenian Apartment : inspired by Aegean Sea & Attica’s sky, this apartment is in the middle of the front side of the complex.  For this apartment we use natural colors and shades of grey, combining with blue elements. The main wall graphic is at the back of the bed, and consists of a tropical blue jungle. Τhe GOLD Athenian Apartment : MArio’s favorite. This apartment is the most premium at the Athenians. Inspired by the gloriest period in Athens, known as the Perikle’s Golden Age, in this apartment we combine luxury materials such as marble and wood with gold elements, highlighting the most amazing view at The Acroplolis.


Costructing the Athenians, we create customized elements for every apartment, trying to create a unique conceptual design. We emphasize at construction materials, windows and doors, glass railings, tiles, and bathrooms. We are looking for furniture, lights, and deco elements aiming to value for money choices, giving however in every apartment its unique touch. In every apartment we use customized wall graphics that follow the apartment’s concept.

MAMA’s hint

You will find The Athenians in the center of Athens, at 4 Xenofontos Street, next to Syntagma Square. If you want to enjoy living in the center of Athens, just few meters away from the Parliament, the National Gardens, and the shopping district at Ermou Street, that’s the place!

Find the Athenians at : & at  Airbnb &, and get ready to live the city in its most colorful version.

Live like an Athenian!

Thank you to our team memebers  :

_ΜΑrios Konios – Civil Engineer NTUA_

_ΜΑgda K. Mavriki – Architect _

_Nora Granitsioti  – Architect _

_Dominiki Katramadopoulou – Civil Engineer TE,  Ιnterior Designer_

_Lorentzos Glynos- Surveying Engineer_

_Dimitris Karvelas – Surveying Engineer_

Corporate Identity & Environmental Graphics : Hello Design

find them at  :