Our collaboration with OPAP begins back at October 2016, and continues every month, on variety of projects, involving OPAP Stores, and OPAP Plays. Our team takes over parts of concept design, case studies, implementation design, interior design & styling of spaces, and lots of different projects, collaborating with Marketing & Construction Department.


During design phases, according to project’s needs, our team participates in 2d designing, flow charts, implementation charts, 3d visualization, interior concepts, and virtual video animation. We also take part in visits all around Greece in order to create conceptual masterplans on new play stores adding to OPAP’s network. We also take part in graphic design and environmental graphics on Stores or corners at Plays.


During our collaboration with OPAP, we take over some projects on the construction department. The biggest challenge of this is to create an installation according to the 3d design, and following the strict deadlines, maintaining the quality OPAP needs in every project.

ΜΑΜΑ’s hint

We thank OPAP for the amazing collaboration. We wish to continue providing us interesting new projects, and giving us the ability to creating our concepts!

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