KPC Finance


This project is about designing & constructing KPC Finance’s office. We are happy to collaborate with KPC and create a new office space at the same building as our office. Our goal is to create a new fresh space for a company with young team members who will be inspired working at a place where they can work with the clients besides the meeting time.


During the designing process we work together with Christiana of KPC and end up with a design consisting of different modules of work stations divided in different areas of the high ceiling space. We start creating different designs for the project keeping on the brand’s colors and creating 4 different working stations before we end up with the final design proposal.


During the construction the most interesting part was the combination of materials & furniture, and also our choice to use the logo’s colors even the dark blue on large scale surfaces.


Special thanks to Asset Office Interiors for furnishing.

KPC is located at Chalandri, at Pentelis Avenue 103. .

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Team :

  • Marios Konios
  • Μagda K. Mavriki
  • Nora Granitsioti