PhiloSofia Athens Suites
The project aims to create a complex of ten tailor made suites in the center of Athens. Located on the second floor of a 70s building, that was designed by Spyros Staikos, Hilton’s architect. Located near the Academy of Athens, our inspiration for the project comes from the neighbor historic buildings.

Each room is created by a different design concept and the goal is to create luxurious but warm & hospitable suites. The design process was based in 3 choices : to follow the building’s façade in the spaces created inside taking advantage of the layout of the windows, to organize the resting and sitting spaces in the front part of the suites and put the bathrooms and kitchens in the core part. The materials were chosen (wood, marble, metal) in a way to create a friendly atmosphere to the visitor, without lacking the feeling of quality staying whish was the project’s original goal.
All the furniture designed custom for the project, and the main materials are a balance between earth & cold colors & fabrics aiming to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

For the construction process we chose to put the middle part one level higher so the spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens are higher than sleeping & resting areas which are located next to the windows. During the construction our main goal was to create a complex that can provide the guest all the comforts of staying at an urban hotel, but also, to provide them with a feeling of being as comfortable as at home.

ΜΑΜΑs hint
The complex’s name is PhiloSofia Athens Suites, inspired by the Academy Area of Athens in which is located. You will find it in the corner of Stadiou & Pesmatzoglou Str. & at :

Design & Βuild : ΜΑΜΑproject (
Corporate Identity : Hello Design (
Custom furniture : Design 112 (
Custom furniture : Tsiklioti (
Photography : Voumvakis Architectural Photography (