ACRO Urban Suites


This project refers to the design & build of a complex with thematic suites in the center of Athens, at Makrygianni area. The building is developed in 4 floors, one ground floor which will be a common area, and a terrace with a breathtaking view of Acropolis & Athens city.


During the design process we decide to create a unique concept which will reflect the old Athenians building, with influences of the 60s, pastel colors, and an interior design based on minimal elements.

The branding of the complex is taking its color by Pantone’s blue, color of the year 2020. The name is ACRO Urban Suites, a name that has to do with the location & the views of the complex and includes its purpose.


During the design process, as always we notice  what the building itself needs, what would be the best for the neighborhood where it belongs, and how we can get better the vibe of the audience it refers to. We adjust the first concept to new data, we keep the basic & first thoughts but also change elements wherever it’s needed, in order to create functional apartments, that will keep the aesthetics & concept we have set at the beginning.

ΜΑΜΑ’s hint

Completing this project we are taking the opportunity to special thank our client Florian/owner of ACRO for this amazing collaboration, mostly for the care & unique taste with which he embraced the project, encouraging us every time we wanted to add new elements & apply risky ideas! Our working-together was one of a kind and we can’t wait for the next!

We couldn’t skip giving credits to our team members Nora Granistioti & Panagiotis Kratimenos who put all their energy & soul to this project, creating a product beyond the first expectations!

You will find ACRO Urban Suites at 28 Propylaion Street, in Acropolis district, ready to welcome you and offer you the coziest hospitality with breathtaking Acropolis views!

Powered by : Florian Schmid

Design & Build : ΜΑΜΑproject

Corporate Identity: Hello Design

Architectural Photography : Panagiotis Voumvakis


Custom Furniture – wood : Dimopoulos  360 shopfitting

Custom Furniture – upholstery : Tsiklioti

Wallpapapers : Marina Sfakianaki

Design & Build : ΜΑΜΑproject