Praxitelous Boutique Hotel


This project is about designing & constructing a boutique hotel in the center of Athens, on Praxitelous street. We work on this project with SONROP, after research in the center of Athens for finding a property which fulfills the requirements for creating a hotel of this kind, we end up with this property. We will proceed restoring a unique preserved building with respect on its original architecture and character.


Through the designing process the most difficult part was to adjust the Greek Authorities’ rules on buildings preservation to the modern design that is important for a nowadays city hotel.

Designing the project we create some new spaces in the core of every level and we add some new elements on the excising walls. Our goal is for the hotel rooms to be functional, with aesthetics according to the time the building was constructed but not losing the needed modern facilities.


In the process of construction the most difficult part was to work with a -100 year old – building, and in the main time to maintain its original features & restore them properly. We use modern & classic material, new customized furniture special designed for the hotel & refurnished old ones. Our goal is to have quality products to highlight the historic building.

ΜΑΜΑs hint 

The hotel is located on 7th Praxitelous & Havriou street in the center of Athens. It has 17 rooms/suites between 7 types, each one with each own design qualities. The name of the hotel [Belle Epoque – 20th Century suites] encloses all the design concept, which has references in 1920s times of Athens – the years that the building was originally constructed.


Design & Build & Set up : ΜΑΜΑproject

Corporate identity : Hello Design

Photoshooting : Voumvakis Architectural Photography