PROJECT | 75 | Reactivating Salaminos Street

This study is aiming to develop a methodology of pilot strategies for regenerations of the deprived areas of the city of Athens with pedestrian streets. The main concept is to develop a typology of design solutions for an aesthetically upgraded environment that will satisfy the citizens’ requirements and also ensure the environmental & cultural amelioration of the public space. The design case study is taking place on Salaminos Street; a pedestrian street in Metaxourgeio area of Athens, where the goal is to incorporate the street in a net of pedestrian streets unifying the main archaeological sites of the city centre, and to partly restore the ancient route “Dimosio Sima” towards Acadimia Platonos. In addition, with this study we aim to plan and design the ruined be-listed buildings and empty plots along the street, where activities referring to the inhabitants of the area will take place. Finally, through this project we try to prevent the space conflict between pedestrians and vehicles in crossroads and to achieve the reduction of illegal parking which will help the pedestrians cross the route without stops, aiming to increase the number of city-walkers at this city part. All in all, the main concept is to introduce a unifying cultural walk and a vivid urban space covering the everyday needs of the citizens, maintaining the different qualities of the distinct parts of its surrounding built environment along the way.