SR Group


SR Group Fashion is the the company which includes the fashion brands NOTEALONE, JUPE, and Bella P. We have a long term collaboration with SR Group and up to now we have designed & built the shops in a shop at Notos Galleries Stores at Piraeus, Athens, and Factory Outlets stores at the Airport & Peiraiws street. The challenge with these projects is that the space is already structured as a fashion corner spot so we have in a short time to make the changes needed.


During the designing process we try different proposals in concept design up to the point we end up with the final idea. The main elements consisting the project are metallic custom display structures, vintage framed mirrors, big lights, environmental graphics, stools, wall coverings, and some extra elements which are different from store to store.


Constructing these corners is the most difficult part on projects like these, since the deadlines are 1 or 2 weekends, where the whole project should be completed without interfering with any of the other store corners around.

MAMA’s hint

The company’s concept on the clothes is following simple & chic fashion rules with tight cuts & good quality fabrics. This concept is something we try to follow on our designing process so we will create sales points according to the sales product.

You will find all the above stores at :

Notos Galleries Αthens : Stadiou & Aiolou
Notos Galleries Pireaus : Her. Polytevhneiou 35 & Tsamadou, 185 35
Factoty Outlet Airport : Airport’s shopping mall
Factoty Outlet Peiraiws : Peiraiws Str 76