The process of studying a project. We provide services of study individually at parts of a project, and also totally for the who;e project. Our team consisting of designers, architects, surveyors, engineers, can fully provide all range of services in the architecture & construction field. We believe in approaching each project as a team, and each to emphasize on his expertise, in order to provide a unique result for every client.


Combines the passion of the architect with the engineer & the contractor. Evolving our team & services as time passes, we take over multiple kind of construction projects, from renovations & restorations to full construction of buildings from A to Z.  Our philosophy consists of  daily presence of the project manager / engineer in order to provide the client with the expected result from technical scope, in addition with meeting tight deadlines.

Renovation/ Restoration

With our base in Athens city we couldn’t lack in passion of restoring old buildings, or renovating old spaces. Athens city center has so many options in this field, and every time we take over a project like this we are happy to transform an old ruined space in its older version using the newest of technology and materials.