Interior decoration. It is one of the most important scopes while working on a space. Our goal is to create a total proposal for every project, from getting the basic concept to choosing each one of the furniture and art / deco elements. Using all the latest technology in order to present our work, combining it to materials choices & room  studies we offer the following services:

  • on a budget interior – tell us your budget and we can give you the most suitable solution according to your space & cost requirements
  • personal shopping – choice of furniture, decoration elements, lighting, artwork
  • room layout and furniture selection – combination of space-saving design with functionality and aesthetics
  • lighting – objects, linear sentences, standing/desktop/wall-mounted lighting
  • choice of construction materials – suggestions for flooring materials, paints and wallcoverings, wooden surfaces, drywall structures, interior partitions, textures  & items


It consists of the landscape architecture and when it comes to cities on vertical gardens or rooftops. Residential gardens, terraces, balconies,  roof gardens,  pool surroundings , patios … We really believe in a greener city & way to live, we are getting better at it & we develop it working with a team of experts!

Commercial Spaces

Commercial spaces design. This is an area we have our expertise, creating from A to Z a professional space, either it is an F&B project, or a retail, or hotel business. Our way of working includes – sketches, 2d drawings, full architectural study, 3D visuals, material presentations, business st up, development, corporate identity, marketing.  Our scope in interior design includes :

  • interior design – full study & implementation at a given space
  • custom made structures – design objects, surfaces, furniture,  tailor made solutions for your business, the idea and the style that follows it
  • visual merchandising and display-layout and merchandising of objects in the commercial project we take over – the goal is to highlight the objects/services of interest
  • marketing and strategy plan – Based on the content of the project, the marketeers take over the promotion of the brand

People with Disabilities

Or people with special needs & skills. And most importantly with special emotional intelligence. Our goal and expertise is to study & crate spaces for people with disabilities in a full autonomy plan so that everyone can live in a space with absolute freedom and accessibility. We can transform a space to be used by a person with a disability or we can create a brand new space according to the move & access requirements.